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Shrink Wrapping 

For each market sector we have the right heat shrink packing machine, either off the shelf or one that can designed bespoke to meet your specific requirements bringing speed, hygiene, energy saving, and more to your packaging operation. 

Today we deal with our target sectors such as food, retail supermarkets, industrial, textile, printing and catering using our select network of principle suppliers for shrink wrapping equipment with close relationships that have built over many years. 

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Chamber wrapping machines

Chamber Machines 

L sealer machines

L Sealers 

Automatic side sealers

Auto Side Sealers 

Heat sleeve wrapping machines

Heat Sleeve and Tray Wrapping Machines

heat shrink tunnels

Heat Shrink Tunnels

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Some of our machines are available to buy directly over at Get Me Packaging our sister company for packaging consumables and general day to day packaging materials. You will find chamber shrink wrapping machines, box and case tapers, flexible conveyors and Cushion Pack cardboard shredders along with gummed paper tape machines and pallet wrapping machines all available to buy on line and in stock ready to go.