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Horizontal Flow Wrappers 

Horizontal top or bottom seal flow wrapping and packaging machine solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of horizontal flow wrapping solutions to suit most applications for small and large bakeries alike. These can include small and compact stand alone entry level versions through to fully automated high speed complete line projects that can include printed packaging films and date coding.

Our many years of expertise in flow wrapping enables us to wrap and pack not only baked goods such as cakes and morning rolls but also items such as sponges and paint rollers etc to name just a few. This enables us to offer the correct flow wrapping solution for your actual needs as opposed to us just offering you something that isn't necessarily the best packaging solution for your business. If you are looking to start flow wrapping for the very first time it can be a daunting experience. Therefore contact us and we will guide you through the whole process and give you the benefit of our experience in this field. 

We can offer either conventional bottom seal or top seal flow wrapping solutions with no product no bag and we can incorporate ancillary equipment such as coding, labelling and check weighing etc. for you as may be required.

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Recently launched to the market is our new DANFLOW range of flow wrappers.  Available in both powder coated and stainless steel versions with features that can be tailored to suit your exact needs, including longer or shorter in feeds, no product no bag, print and apply along with simple inexpensive date coding options.

We offer a comprehensive model range, fully supported by us throughout the country. Our engineering staff have many years in the flow wrapping industry and their experience covers not only the electrical and mechanical engineering aspects of the machine but also the ability to design fixed and adjustable folding boxes to suit you exact product requirement.

Entry level, small footprint machines to suit first time flow wrap buyers through to wide bodied machines capable of handling applications with large product ranges, through to Fully automated and integrated solutions.

The Danflow range can be supplemented with ancillary equipment such as coders, labellers and card feeders, allowing us and you to create the perfect turnkey horizontal flow wrapping solution that is just right for you business be it a large multinational or a smaller local producer of baked goods.

Enquire now about just what our small, compact and low cost entry level flow wrapping machine can do for your food and bakery packaging needs.

flow wrap machine bread and bakery

After flow wrapping your product we have a end of line packaging solution

When you have flow wrapped your products you then have to consider how they will get to your customer intact looking just as they have left your factory. We offer a range of packaging equipment that includes carton tape sealers that make sure the outer cartons your goods are shipped in are quickly and securely closed with box sealing tape, These could then be sent along one of our gravity conveyoring options ready for palletising and then stretch wrapping with a pallet stretch wrapping machines

And even when it comes to packaging consumables such as box sealing tape, pallet stretch wrapping film etc then we can help via 

Get Me Packaging where we can supply all these and more packaging related items and materials.