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Our Most Popular Wrapping Machines for the Industrial Sector

The Industrial packaging machinery we can supply

We have several industrial packaging machines to choose from, according to your specific business needs. 

Our range of manual chamber shrink machines meet any need in terms of low productivity. The Media and Modular semi-automatic machines with tunnel are ideal for companies who have various products and require flexible packaging due to irregular workload patterns.  With these machines you have the option of choosing whether to heat-shrink the film on the product or just seal the package to create a bag!

Our range of Pratika automatic machines are the most popular and offer the best packaging solution in industrial environments.  They can be installed in large production lines and thanks to the PLC which can be programmed to interact with other mechanical units. They can also be connected to the internet to ensure remote control. which can be a huge benefit for those who need to manage various packaging lines. The automatic packaging machines of the Pratika range benefit from 40 years of research and development from Minipack-torre within this sector.

Following on from your production process we can supply all of the equipment required to create a completely automated line from initial product to dispatch, including conveyoring, case taping machines, strapping machines and pallet wrappers!

  • minipack torre modular 50 bakery l sealing machine

    Modular 50 L Sealing Machine

    This semi-automatic L Sealer by Minipack Torre is fast, reliable, operator friendly and proven over many years.  It is a flexible packaging solution within the industrial sector as if the shrink wrapping requirement is irregular, then due to it's compact size and mobility when it is not in use it can be simply be stored away!  Alternatively, if you have a regular relatively low volume shrink wrapping requirement, this machine works well with our Tunnel 50 Digit to create an all in one seal and shrink solution.

  • food shrink wrapping machine minipack torre

    Sleeve Wrapping Machines

    Sleeve wrapping machines are designed specifically to integrate into production lines.  They are perfect for bundling products together for transit.  The versatility of the these machines combine efficiency, reliability and high performance.  There are various models available with different sealing bar widths and pack coolers etc.


  • pratika minipack torre auto l sealer

    Pratika Automatic Range

    Our range of automatic shrink wrapping machines are the Number 1 choice for companies needing to achieve high production targets.  This range of machinery offers the highest level of technology in terms of programming and features, meaning that they can be tailored to meet any specific packaging requirements and also reduces labour costs too!

  • record ulma flow packer

    The NEW Dan Flow XDB-320 Horizontal Flow Wrapper

    The NEW Dan Flow Wrapping machine range provides an economical, yet highly effective introduction into flow wrapping.  From basic entry level small flow wrapping machines right through to fully stainless steel horizontal wrappers with printing and no product no bag options. We can also support other brands of machinery on the market from the leading Italian manufactures. 

  • record ulma flow packer

    Case Taping Machines

    Our range of case taping machines integrate into a complete production/packing line which will save time and money, improve efficiency and give a smart, professional finish to your end of line packages every time!   Whether your packages are or the same size are irregular sizes, we can accommodate with our semi of fully automatic machine range.

  • record ulma flow packer

    Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machines

    The final process of your automated packaging system is the turntable pallet wrapper! 

    We have standard, soft wrapping or power pre-stretch machines to suit your product and the amount of tension required to wrap your pallet in the most secure way.

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