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Turntable Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines

Our automatic and semi-automatic turntable type pallet stretch wrapping machines are particularly useful in higher volume warehouse and production environments.  A fork lift truck or pallet truck is used to position the pallet on the turntable all you have to do with even the semi automatic wrappers is place the leading edge of the stretch film manually to the pallet and the machine does the rest for you!. As the turntable begins to rotate, the stretch film is released from the roll at a constant rate to evenly secure the  load.The film carrier then rises up the pallet applying the film evenly.

More advanced and automated turntable stretch wrappers can also be programmed to perform more complex wrapping patterns, with greater film coverage at more vulnerable levels etc and extra wraps around the top or bottom. A power pre stretch pallet wrapping machine pre stretches the film via a selection of rollers before application reducing the amount of film applied.

With significant advantages once you output and pallet production rate rises above even 10 pallets per day we have a solution that will remain cost effective and save operator strain etc. Our Mobile pallet wrappers and robot wrappers are ideal in this situation and are a firm favourite with both health and safety and operators alike. 

View our range of Pallet Turntable Machines below or buy online at Get Me Packaging where we have these machines ready to ship for quick delivery.

Which turntable pallet wrapper option is best for me?

Standard, Soft Wrapping or Power Pre-Stretch

These features are worth considering before you buy you turntable pallet wrapper:

Soft Wrapping: even if automated pallet wrapping system is used to apply stretch wrap film to pallets although the film tension remains constant it will be higher at the edge of the pallet due to it being nearer to the dispensing head.  This may cause distortion or possible damage to the corners of the pallet and load due to the tension being too high.  With a soft wrapping function it compensates for this additional corner tension and will provide a more consistent wrap across the whole load.

Power Pre-Stretch: With power pre-stretch turntable wrapper it will apply tension to the stretch film between leaving the roll and being applied to the pallet and can extend the length of the film by up 300%, meaning a massive reduction in stretch film used per pallet.!  As the tension is applied prior to wrapping the pallet means it contracts and holds the load more securely.

Or why not ask about out new Optimax Robot Pallet Stretch Wrapper!

The Optimax® RSW6 Robotic Pallet Stretch Wrapper helps to maximise despatch operation efficiency and productivity.It offers versatile, mobile pallet wrapping!

  • No Maximum pallet weight, width or height
  • Minimal clearance required around the pallet area
  • Easily relocated to where the pallet wrapping is required
  • Power pre-stretch film reduced film useage and creates a more stable load - two settings available - 230% and 300%
  • Password protected touch screen control panel
  • High capacity zero maintenance battery deliver up to wrapped 300 pallets per change

The benefits of this revolutionary robot pallet wrapping machine go on and on, if you would like more information or a demo please contact us on 01246 488999!