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Poly Bagging And Mailing Machines

A vertical bagging machine can be used in many sectors with food, pharmaceutical, healthcare, hardware, logistics, printing and publishing to name just a few.

Below you will find a selection of bagging and mailing equipment that we can offer from the Minipack Torre portfolio of machines that are ideal not only for lower volume bagging needs but also in higher volume poly bagging for the mailing industries. The mailing machines such as the Mailbag or Continua work on flat printed items such as magazines, leaflets and even operator manuals that are placed in the box with new equipment. With the new X-Bag Evo it is possible to pack a wide range of items from bread and cakes to small spare parts and items of hardware.

The New Minipack Torre X-BAG Machine  

Ideal in the food industry and when smaller items need bagging such as hardware and hinges etc

Minipack Torre X Bag Vertical Bagging Machine

The X-BAG bagging machine is designed to pack smaller products from fresh foods and bakery products such as small buns, teacakes etc. and small spare parts such as screws, hinges and other small industrial components. All these products can be vertically packed in an array of film types. With the X Bag from Minipack Torre you now have a cost effective and more efficient and quicker method of making small bags for products over a manual lay flat tube and a heat sealer. With far less capital outlay that a traditional vertical form fill and seal machine the X-BAG really is a viable and effective bagging option.

  • Compact design with a footprint of just 80 cm x 85 cm and a height of only 140 cm

  • Simple in both design and operation makes the machine very user friendly

  • Patent protected dual sealing system for seal integrity  

  • Bag length from 50 mm to 330 mm

  • Film thickness from 15 to 50 micron in Polyethylene, polyolefin, micro­-perforated,and biodegradable films can be used.

  • Bag widths available depending on forming collars are 170 mm 185 mm and 235 mm

The Minipack Torre Mailbagging Machine

Ideal for the print, publishing and direct mailing industries

Minipack Torre poly mail bag machine liberty packaging

Simplicity really is the key to the Minipack Mail Bagging machine's success. Designed to work with flat printed items such as magazines, monthly mailers and other items such as instruction books etc this machine is the most cost effective poly bagging machine on the market today. These machines have been available in the UK for nearly 20 years and we are still supplying spare parts and consumables for machines approaching that age... they are ultra reliable and well proven for the purpose they are made.  With different forming collars it is possible to pack publications 20 mm in thickness and A4 in width.

  • A4 and A5 Polybagging 

  • Can wrap up to 1200 items per hour on A4

  • Easy to use and set with digital control
  • Can store 10 different programmes 
  • Requires only a 13 amp plug and no compressed air supply 
  • Self adjusts to the length of your product 
  • On wheels so very easy to use 
  • Packs can be collated in the machine ideal for inserts and flyers

Continua High Volume Horizontal Poly bagging Machine

With 2 models in the Continua range, speeds available range from 30-60 items every minute and both machines can be used with both clear and pre-printed mailing polythene. The two models available are the Continua Plexi 30 and the Plexi 60 and are both a fantastic way to improve presentation, security and also the efficiency of any direct mail operation and other applications such as user manuals etc for new products.


  • Max Thickness From 20 mm to 32 mm For the Plexi 60

  • 60 packs per minute 

  • Can be used on clear or printed films

  • Can wrap DL to A3 format products

  • Can wrap A3 format products

  • Auto sheet feed options available

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