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Our Most Popular Wrapping Machines for Food & Bakeries

The food packaging and wrapping machinery we can supply

We offer a fantastic range of food and bakery packaging machinery and equipment, which range from the fully stainless steel Synthesis chamber shrink wrapping machine and the semi automatic modular range of L Sealers that have been proven for many years in the bakery and fresh food markets.  Horizontal flow wrapping machines are also widely used within the food industry. All our horizontal flow wrapping machines can have a bespoke fixed folding box for dedicated products or fully adjustable ones when a quick size change is needed.

We even have a low cost compact entry level flow pack machine at a price that brings flow wrapping into sight for smaller bakeries and artisan food producers. If it's a larger faster horizontal packaging machine then please contact us so we can guide you along the way to get the right machine first time.

When it comes to spare parts and service for your existing flow pack machine or your Minipack Torre L Sealing machine then rest assured we can support all our packaging machines fully through our in house engineers and with the spare parts that we hold, not only for our own machines but other machines available on the market. Our engineers have years of experience in the packaging machinery industry enabling us to respond quickly, be it on site breakdown cover or by pre-planned maintenance.

  • food shrink wrapping machine minipack torre

    Synthesis INOX

    The Synthesis INOX chamber shrink wrapping machine is really the perfect machine for low volume food packaging.  With its stainless steel construction, this small hygienic machine is simple to clean as it has no motors, fans or felt bottomed chamber.  The high-efficiency sealing and shrinking will work for any type of film and can be used to seal with bakery wrapping films such as polypropylene often the film of choice for many bakeries.

  • minipack torre modular 50 bakery l sealing machine

    Modular 50 L Sealing Machine

    This semi-automatic L Sealer by Minipack Torre is fast, reliable, operator friendly and proven over many years to be a favourite  with companies producing bakery, morning goods. and sandwiches etc.

    The Modular 50 is also available in the standard RAL paint finish or in the STEEL-IT which is a special paint applied to make it humidity-resistant and strongly suitable for food packaging areas where there is often a high amount of humidity and water 

  • pratika minipack torre auto l sealer

    Minipack Torre Pratika Stainless Steel

    The Stainless steel version of the Pratika 56 MPE Automatic L Sealer is specifically designed for large volume food or medical high care packaging.  This automatic L Sealing machine is aimed at meeting the needs of  the food industry by offering  high-tech and yet flexible solutions: everything is designed toachieve the highest speed and efficiency, with a huge benefitin terms of labour and packaging time. 

  • record packaging flow pack

    The NEW Dan Flow Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machines

    The small and compact Dan Flow Wrapping machine range provides an economical, yet highly effective introduction into flow wrapping.  From basic entry level small flow wrapping machines right through to fully stainless steel horizontal wrappers with printing and no product no bag options. We can also support other brands of machinery on the market from the leading Italian manufactures such as Record Packaging SPA.

When you have wrapped your products in either single or multi packs then we can supply a range of packaging equipment such as carton sealing machines to make sure the outer boxes your products will be sent to your end customer securely closed with box sealing tape.  They can then be sent along the robust conveyoring options we have ready for palletising and wrapping with our pallet stretch wrap machines. We can also supply all of the packaging consumables you need such as box sealing tape, pallet stretch wrapping film etc via our sister company Get Me Packaging. Why not visit us at Get Me Packaging where we can supply all these and more packaging related items and materials.

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