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Modular 50S Semi-Automatic L Sealer

The Modular Line of semi automatic L Sealing machines have been in production for nearly 20 years with a proven history matched by no other. It's innovative features such as water cooled sealing blade holders ensure these machines will stand the test of time and provide a reliable L Sealing solution. With such diverse applications being served by these machines from fresh produce and bakery L Sealing to the printing and laundry industries the Modular 50S and 70S have proven themselves time and time again. 

This machine can be used in automatic or semi-automatic mode, and the operating programs can be customised in order to simplify the packaging process and maximise productivity. 

The Modular range fits perfectly with our Minipack-Torre heat shrink tunnels making product transfer between sealer and tunnel smotth and steady.



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  • Electronic control for optimal sealing and shrink control
  • 10 preset programs that can be selected on the display. 4-digit display 
  • Shrink film support for standard Ø 200 mm x 350 mm reels
  • 350 mm x 240 mm Sealing Bars
  • 140 mm maximum product height


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